axis71 is a lighting manufacturer
situated in Hoegaarden, Belgium.


The company is quite literally illuminating: their newest collection of design lighting will indeed provide the consumer with a clearer view.


A good service and short delivery times are the strengths of the company. The design team invests all of their passion and craftsmanship in the development of the lamps.

axis71 can be considered a true ‘couturier’ in lighting, furniture and objects.


Detailed craftsmanship

For the design of the lamps, axis71 can count on the craftsmanship of head designer Stéphane Lebrun(°1973). In the past, axis71 collaborated with Henriette Michaux (°1956)  and Christophe Gevers (°1928 +2007) .Until today axis71 is still editing some designs of those 2 designers. Flora, Walla, Chiara,Margueritte  by Henriette Michaux and Square 2G, Square 2P and Tube T by Christophe Gevers.

Manager Patrick Vossen

“The strength of our collection comes from the balance between the used materials and the design, but also fromour finishing touch. We take particular care of the details, so our lamps will match any interior, all over the world."

Over the past years, axis71 realized a lot of projects. In 2009, they decorated a number of big and boutique hotels inside and outside Europe. But also the customers of several tapas bars and star restaurants enjoy the lighting of axis71.

Concern for the environment

Not only quality and design are important values for the company. They also make an effort to protect the environment. The traditional incandescent bulb is replaced by the halogen version E27 or E14. axis71 thinks about integrating the LED technology. Every fitting can be provided with a low-energy lightbulb. The packaging consists of recycled or recyclable material.
Stay tuned!